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Garner's Elmo

Canine Nutrition International (CNI)..CNI is producing the finest products available on the market today for the performance bred American Pit Bull Terrier. Don't let the web site fool you, these are serious products for those that are seeking success in its purest form.
RF-1 is the finest product of its kind ever produced, and is being used by some of the greatest kennels and dog men to ever grace the face of this sport. It is a tremendous conditioning product that has everything to give you that winning edge. RF-1 is a must have for those looking for fast lane results. Over 20 years of hard testing, and proving have gone into the development of RF-1. There is absolutely no equal.
Nurture is a tremendous product that gets young pups going quick, and can be used as a meal replacement for hand feeding as well. Great for breeders both large and small. This is one product you'll be glad you had on hand if your looking at raising the best pups that you possibly can.
Sperm-Up is a real popular product that is being used by many well known dog men on some of the greatest stud dogs of our time. It has proven to extend the natural breeding life of stud dogs well past their prime. If you're serious about getting the most out of your stud dog then you need to get Sperm-Up. Find out more about these and other CNI products by visiting their web site.

Stillwater Kennel Supply ...   Stillwater Kennel Supply is quite simply your best source of the highest quality, lowest priced leather and nylon collars, leashes, harnesses and other kennel supplies. They stand behind their products 100%. We use their products exclusively at Tom Garner Kennels.

Southern Express Transporters has proven to be the most professional, reliable and cost-effective pet transport service in operation today. We do all of our transport business with them and recommend them wholeheartedly.

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